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It's probably an understatement to say the meaning of a 'crisis' has been redefined for all of us over the past few turbulent weeks. As a result of the restrictions now in place to control the spread of the coronavirus, we have put in place an online alternative to our classes. These will be run for the next 5 weeks or for as long as government guidelines recommend. 

Class Timetable 

Once you have decided what classes you would like to do, please email either Sophie or Elisa. Once you have made payment for these classes you will be added to a WhatsApp group for those particular classes. In the group, you'll receive a secure Zoom link which will give you an ID number and password. 

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How to use ZOOM

  1. Click The Zoom Link 

  2. Follow the onscreen instructions 

  3. Mute yourself when you begin to avoid any excess noise


Elisa 07887 722441              Sophie: 07976 265548 


Location: Hinchley Wood Secondary School Sports Centre 

Claygate Lane Esher KT10 0AQ

Thanks for submitting!

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